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I am Reinis TUMOVS an entrepreneur, investor, financier and philanthropist. From Latvia.

I want to tell you all about myself, my family, and my business life on this website. I also want to let you know about my plans and share my first-hand account of what has happened to me on my journey. I am not afraid to discuss some of the situations and conversations that have taken place with famous high-profile people. Nor am I fearful of revealing the political and economic background of certain events that I have experienced, including scandals that have cost me dearly both in business and personally.

Background: I have with more than 25 years of international business experience in banking, financial management, fintech, IT technology, investment migration industry and the energy sector. A quarter of a century of experience has enabled me to master my knowledge as a financial analyst and become one of the leading experts in investment, finance and management.

I am professional with strengths in corporate finance, capital raising, strategic planning, private & investment banking, asset and project management.

I am strong executive and experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of successful project completion and startup development.

As an entrepreneur, I love creating and building companies, teams, and ideas, based on cutting edge solutions in management consulting, business development and technology.

As an investor and financier, what matters to me most is creating the platform and community for team members to feel empowered. When people feel empowered, they can achieve their potential and work as efficiently as possible.

I have built up a diverse portfolio of business interests worldwide in consulting, financial markets, banking, fintech, IT technology, energy and the modern investment migration industry. I have established and run a sought-after, successful private practice for high-net-worth clients and large companies, as an independent expert-adviser in the areas of investment strategies, finance and funding.

My professional interests include business development, management, strategy & operations, M&A, investing, and emerging technologies.

It is my personal opinion that we cannot claim to care about social responsibility without putting this in to practice in our daily lives. Indeed, for me, I am always conscious of the ethics and integrity of my business practices. We must treat others the way we wish to be treated ourselves. And this notion must sometimes extend to helping others when they are in need of our help.

I want you to know that we are transformed by what we practice, so perfection is a mindset.

Success is based upon a powerful mindset and one in which you genuinely believe that success is possible. Our thoughts are so important – they are the beginning of deeds. I have tried my hand at many activities, from business to sports, without ever betraying my core mindset. What is needed is positivity, motivation, desire, self-belief, and the correct attitude when facing non-constructive criticism.

As Theodore Roosevelt said many years ago: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. I am convinced that if you think you can do it, you will achieve it. That's what I've always thought, practised and believed.

I strive to be inspired, imagine the unlikely, work hard for what's worthwhile, and be surrounded by those positive and like-minded individuals who bring out the best in me.

Financial success comes from being aware of one's unique traits. Above all, I have understood the following concept:

To reach the top requires a dream, and some brashness and audacity, which must come with a measure of humility. I have succeeded in life and business because I have put the fear of failure aside. I am willing to take risks and be daring. And I believe in myself and in what I firmly believe to be possible. Life is not a rehearsal.

What do I understand by the term Values in Life?
Values are what you consider essential to living the life you want to live. They help form your priorities and, when practised consistently, develop your ideal character.
You may inherit many of your life values from your parents or form them from societal expectations. But it's up to you to prioritise these values and discern how you'll honour and act on them daily.

Why Are Values in Life Important?
Defining your core values gives you parameters for actions and decisions that can keep you out of trouble, improve your confidence and self-esteem, and further your life goals.

I want you to know what I’m about as a person.
So, to better understand me, here are the values I use to guide my decisions:


Courage is about doing what you believe needs to be done — not in the absence of fear but despite it.

Courage requires a step outside of your comfort zone. You might, for example, feel disinclined to offer a genuine apology out of fear that the other will reject it. But courage will help you apologise anyway because it’s the right thing to do, out of respect for the one you hurt or might have offended. Whether they accept your apology or not is their business.


Kindness is about treating others the way you want to be treated yourself.

Kindness to yourself is also vital, and it is the basis for self-care. Don’t forget to be as kind to yourself as you want others to be. And through the act of practising kindness to yourself, you also make yourself better able to render kindness to others. My personal experience is that it brings delight in lifting others up and reminding them they’re not alone, invisible, or insignificant.


No matter how I feel when someone interrupts me or gets in my way, I always treat them with the same patience I hope for from others when necessity compels me to interrupt them or get in their way.

When someone is pushing your buttons, taking your time or attention away from something you want to finish, or making your life harder in some way, you can practice patience by putting yourself in the others’ shoes. It helps when we see the situation from their perspective and then respond with kindness and respect. No one wants to be treated like an inconvenience or a burden, and sometimes your priorities have to change to make room for something (or someone) more important or more likely to help you grow.


What I believe is made clear by what I say and do.

Integrity is about acting and speaking in accordance with your beliefs. Ultimately, we must walk the talk.


In the morning, throughout the day, and in the evening, I feel and express gratitude for the wonderful things in my life. And I make sure everyone who has done something good for me knows I appreciate them for it.

Showing appreciation to others for their words and actions is also essential to making this a core value. Just as you appreciate it when others thank you for a job well done, for a thoughtful gift, or for giving them the help they needed, others appreciate that recognition too. When gratitude is a core belief, you make time for it every day. You prioritise both feeling gratitude and expressing it — in your thoughts, in the words you speak or write, and in your attitude and actions.


I forgive those who have hurt me because I know I’ve made mistakes and hurt people, too, and I want to be free of this anger and resentment. I choose freedom, and I choose to genuinely want the best for those who’ve hurt me.

Everyone has a capacity for forgiveness — just as everyone can hurt others with their words and actions — but not everyone has cultivated a habit of forgiveness. Forgiveness is about letting go of anger and resentment toward those who have hurt or offended you.


Every day, I’m growing more into the person I want to be.

If growth is one of your core values, you look for opportunities to grow as a person and to help others succeed, too. You know that growth isn’t a desti-nation but a process, and you want to enjoy that process and help others enjoy theirs. You take the time to identify your values and your overall mis-sion, so you can live according to it and become more and more the person you must be to fulfil your life’s mission.


I listen to others with my full attention, so I can learn from them and show thoughtful consideration for their ideas.

If active listening is a core value for you, you value others’ input and invest time and energy in learning how to see things from their perspectives. You recognise that you don’t know everything, and you don’t see even familiar things from every angle, so you appreciate it when others share their perspectives. And your body language, as well as your feedback, shows them you’re listening and that you care about what they have to say. Ultimately, good listeners always strive to fully understand what others are trying to communicate to them.


I treat all living beings with the same respect with which I like to be treated.

If you want to be known for treating all human (or living) beings with respect, you probably base that respect on something more fundamental than someone’s rank or social status.


I live according to a vision guided by my inner wisdom and judgment.

Your personal vision – what you see as your response to the larger picture — helps create your mission and the processes by which you live out that mission. It’s not about the lifestyle you want or the things you’ll have when you’re “successful”. It is about allowing yourself to live your life following your vision. We can do this through our intuition and inner wisdom.


I live and speak my truth, choosing not to fear criticism or judgment.

Authenticity is being truthful about who you are. It means speaking your truth, openly and honestly — not hiding for fear of criticism or judgment. There is freedom in recognising that.


When my priorities are in the right order, balance happens.

It’s not easy to balance work, relationships, and self-care. You must also take note of how much time you’ve invested in your relationships. But you know from experience how important it is to do so. So, you take note of where you are on your priority list when you review your actions for the day.


I value all members of my community, whatever their beliefs or backgrounds.

You value their safety and well-being and have goodwill toward them. And whether you have an active and visible presence in the community or you prefer to work behind the scenes, you make it a priority to ensure your community is stronger and more united than you found it.


I am a creator with a unique genius all of my own, which I use every day.

You are a creator. As such, you have both the potential and the innate drive to create things that make lives better. You don’t wait for the day to bring you something new; you take what you have and create something. And being a social creature, you take pleasure in making things you know other people will enjoy.


I share my wealth with those who have less, and we all benefit.

You know generosity is about more than donating money or spending a bit more to support a worthy cause. A truly generous spirit is also quick to share intangible blessings: kindness, patience, goodwill, understanding, and forgiveness. One of the most extraordinary acts of all is giving our time to others when they need it most. Otherwise, what’s the point of having more than enough?


I do what I can to fight injustice wherever I see it.

Justice — to be worthy of the name — must apply equally to all people, regardless of their race, income, or age. Whatever you do, it’s not to score points or to be seen as doing good. You do this to look these fellow human beings in the eye and let them know you see them and want what they want because they have as much right to justice as anyone else.


I aim to become an expert and always to be learning.

I am a big believer in the value of always learning. And I love to find connections between seemingly disparate ideas and disciplines. The more we learn, the more we realise how little we all know and how much more there is to learn, which excites me greatly. I know I will never run out of things to learn. And it will never get boring.


I exercise my freedom to choose how I react, how I feel, and what I do.

Viktor Frankl called the last of human freedoms the freedom “to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” You choose how to feel about something, just as you choose how to act. That inner freedom is what you value more than any flag or statue, or anthem because no one can take that away from you. It is perfectly understandable to cherish the outward freedoms you enjoy. But if you were to lose them, you would not lose yourself and would always remain free in your thoughts.


I value loyalty that does good for everyone connected with it.

Loyalty implies a connection or implicit agreement between two or more people. When you’re loyal to someone, they hold a special place in your life. Similarly, other people’s loyalty or lack of loyalty toward you has implications and consequences.


I welcome new experiences, new ideas, and new people.

You’re open to new people and new experiences. You know there’s always more to learn. It’s not that you necessarily crave novelty, but you want to be open to considering different viewpoints, perspectives, and ideas.


I’m cultivating prudence to make the best possible impact on every life I touch.

Prudence is the ultimate superpower. Generally speaking, prudence is doing or saying the right thing at the right time and in the right way. Prudence is looking at the bigger picture and the more profound consequences of your words and actions. You value prudence because, much as you want to do something, you know sometimes the situation calls for patience and circumspection.


I cultivate resilience by looking for the lesson in every challenge.

Resilience is the ability to recover from and adapt to change or misfortune. In other words, when things go wrong, you find a way to pivot and keep moving forward. Life knocks you down, and you get back up each and every time. Life plays out a moment to moment. And the more you respond to knock-downs by getting back up, the more automatic it becomes.


I take responsibility for my own words, actions, and feelings.

You take responsibility for your words and actions and how they impact your life and the lives of others. On the other hand, you do not take responsibil-ity for the way others feel about you.


I show self-respect in my commitment to daily self-care and self-expression.

You know the value of self-respect because you’ve seen the consequences for those who have none. Self-care is key to creating balance in your life. When you prioritise self-respect, other things tend to fall into place. You deserve to be cared for as much as anyone else.


I tend to my spiritual needs and concerns as part of my daily self-care.

Spirituality is the harmonious life of a person's bodily and mental state. A spiritual person is always open to good deeds.


I cultivate the wisdom to make better choices, to know and heal myself, and to grow.

Wisdom is the ability to apply what you know (knowledge) — along with your intelligence — to make the right choices. Wisdom can guide you to make better use of everything you have, including your money, talents, skills, and time.

That we are transformed by what we practice.

I do things the right way, without compromise, the first time – every time. I am direct, decisive and, above all, accountable. I practice sound judgment and common sense in our actions that conforms to the letter and spirit of the law at all times. I win on the merits, with integrity.

I am here to win. I am constantly improving, and are committed to out-thinking and out-executing my competitors. I take on what others dismiss as impossible, and solve the hard problems that others walk away from. This is why I hire the best.

I am driven by a thirst for knowledge. I am constantly learning from inspired thinkers around the world. I passionately pursue new ideas, new innovations and new strategies that will strengthen my competitive advantage.

Extraordinary colleagues.
I hire extraordinary people. I build extraordinary teams. I demand a culture of collaboration where we learn from each other, inspire one another and share in our successes. We achieve far more together than we ever could on our own.

I want you to know the principles I use to guide and shape my decisions:

Stay positive.

…I believe in positive thinking aimed at success and self-realisation…

Let the heart lead.

…Do the right thing, not the money thing. Money often costs too much…

Money is only a means.

…Money will take you where you want to go, but it is up to you to choose the direction you want to go…


…Be careful with your thoughts – they are the beginning of deeds…

Work smart.

…Manage your energy and prioritise. Sometimes prioritisation is choosing what makes you feel alive over rhyme or rea-son...

Be kind.

…Relationships are all there is. Being kind earns respect…

Make art.

…When all else fails, make something beautiful. Just about anything can be art with the right intention…

Cynicism is for the weak.

…You can't always be optimistic, but spend more time recognising beauty, practising gratitude, and focusing on what you can control…


…Give yourself permission to walk on walls, draw in the sand, and laugh at stupid things…

Go deep.

…The world is vast and mysterious. Explore and have deep conversations…

Little things matter.

…Small everyday actions matter just as much as the big ones…

Sleep your way to the top.

…Resting is never a waste of time!…

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Location Latvia
Nationality Latvian
Marital status Married
Religion Orthodox
Languages Latvian • English • Polish • Russian
Education levels BAcc • MFin • LLM • PhD.

Political affiliations An independent politician not affiliated with any political party.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Government and Public Administration, Political Science. (2011)
  • Professor (Prof), Department of Finance and Statistics. (2011)


  • Specialist in law (LLM). Public Law and Jurisprudence. (2015)
  • Master's degree (MFin). Banking and Financial Support Services. (2005)
  • Bachelor's degree (BFin). Banking & Financial Institutions. (1998)
  • Bachelor's degree (BAcc). Accounting, Control and Analysis of Economic Activities, (1995)

Certificate for professional activity in securities. Qualification.

  • Specialist Corporate Management and Control. UK, (2020)
  • Specialist in professional securities trading, (2013)
  • Specialist in Depository Activities, (2013)
  • Specialist in Asset Management (2013)
  • Specialist in the introduction of the register of owners of registered securities, (2013)
  • Specialist in the Stock market. Asset Management & Securities Trader, (2008)
  • Specialist in AML of the Stock market, on issues of Anti-Money Laundering among professional participants in the securities market, (2010)


  • The Investment Fundamentals. DE (2021)
  • The Anti-crisis Management of a Bank
  • The Asset Management and Family Office
  • The Cost Control Methods
  • The Operations Strategy Planning
  • II International Conference "RETAIL BANKING". Participants at the conference
  • IV Interregional Banking Conference. Participants at the conference
  • XXIII International Conference "Banks' distressed assets, ways to address them. Liquidity and exchange rate problems". Participants at the conference


Profile (Business Projects), today:

  • Founder • President • Chairman of the Supervisory Council at RTĢroup Inc.
  • The Chairman of the Advisory Board at WellCOME Key WorldWide Holding Group
  • Private Expert-Adviser specialises in business consultancy services on Management & Business issues

Profile (Volunteer experience, social activities), today:

  • First Vice-President at International Association Boxing of the Baltic States (IABBS)
  • Vice-President, Member of the Supervisory Council at Fight Martial Arts Federation of the Baltic Sea (FMAF)
  • Current member of the jury for the Innovation in Politics Awards of the European Institute for Innovation in Politics, EU
  • Member of the International Atlantic Economic Society (IAES), US
  • Member of the International Academy of Business and Economics (IABE), US


  • Competition "Bank of the Year - 2011", Special nomination "The Best Head of a Bank with foreign capital - 2011"
  • Rating "Bank of the Year - 2006", Nomination "Creative Banker - 2006". Title awarded 2007, Description of the title Competition "Bank of the Year - 2006". First-degree diploma.


business development • investments • management • strategy & operations • capital management
• Mergers & Acquisitions transactions • financial markets (market segmentation) • venture financing
• banking • asset management • private equity • hedge funds • startup development in innovative technologies
• information technology • fintech • e-commerce • blockchain infrastructure
• Defi Innovation • energy sector • modern investment migration industry • development sports markets


Profile: my professional portfolio includes business development, management, strategy & operations, M&A, investing, venture capital & private equity and emerging technologies. I have established and run a sought-after, successful private practice for high-net-worth clients and large companies as an independent expert-adviser in the areas of investment strategies, finance and funding.
Date (Since): 2015
Company Type: Private Practice.

TK INVEST GROUP 2011 - 2016 (5 years).
Founder | CO-Owner | Management Partner| Board Member.
Incorporation Date (Since): 2011

GPM Group (GLOBAL PETROLEUM MANAGEMENT GROUP) 2013 - 2015 (2 years).
Vice-President Of the Board of Directors • Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
CO-Founder | CO-Owner
Incorporation Date (Since): 2013.

GFM Group (GLOBAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT GROUP) 2011 - 2014 (4 years).
President • Chairman of The Board of Directors • Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
CO-Owner | Management Partner.
Incorporation Date (Since): 1992.

ROYAL KEY INTERNATIONAL 2010 - 2014 (4 years).
First Vice-President.
Founder | Principal Owner
Incorporation Date (Since): 2010.

PRIVATE BANKING 2005 - 2014 (9 years).
The President • Chairman of The Board of Directors Vice-President
• First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank • Adviser to the Chairman of the Board.

OLIMPEX COUPE INTERNATIONAL 2003 - 2005 (2 years).
Director of Investment Policy & Development • Chief Investment Officer (CIO).
Incorporation Date (Since): 1995.

INTERNATIONAL BANKING 1995 - 2003 (8 years).
First Deputy Director • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Deputy Director, Head of the Finance Department • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
• Senior Financial Adviser to the Chairman of the Board.